Kindle Readers

There maybe some who wonder about the process of Kindle publishing. Well for those of us who have aspired and know the difficulty of finding a publisher, this is the way. Publisher these days are getting beat up with the growth of Kindle and all the other readers. A good example is the difference in sales as Kindle out sells tradition books 180 to 100. Amazon also offer the ability to go into business as a partner with their Associates program.

For us entrepreneurial types this is a golden opportunity to get more traffic to your site and sell products from Amazon. It opens doors to thousands of product aside from books. The other amazing thing about amazon is that just like goggle and all the others it is a search engine as well. The big difference is that these searchers are buyers.

So I hope you will come back soon as my new store will open in the next week or so. Oh yes and one more thing when you’re searching for my new book, The Books of Jesús if you have any trouble finding it you can search David Hutchison and there it will be. And don’t forget with every sale you will be supporting “Promoting a Culture of Peace for Children Society of BC.”

Be well,

David Hutchison