Photo0039 He walked the promenade pondering the future, his future. Was it as bright as the fireball of the setting sun or black like the following night? Curious thoughts brought on by doubt, his doubt. He had always been hopeful, but now he was unsure.  He had options, lots of options. However, as Neil Young once sang “If you follow all your dreams you just might get lost.”

“Which one” he asked “which one?” It was an intriguing question considering the money involved. Both had risk attached, neither was a guarantee. One was certainly more commercial than the other, but the other was more about him. Family and friends pushed him in so many directions and he did try. But what his heart wanted was what the others didn’t. Then again, he had always done what his heart wanted and while there were regrets, they were too few to mention. And if he hadn’t done them, he might not be here and that would have been a disappointment.

He talked love, he gave love, he lived love so shouldn’t he follow love? And if he had learned one thing in life, if he didn’t love it, he couldn’t do it. One might be fun and far more acceptable to those who doubted his choices, but still a risk. The other was not without risk, but with the other he was building content, his content and long-term that’s the best thing to have. Things have value, ideas not so much, at least not until their things, and besides, he was better at the other. 

Some say “Like the outside ring of the outside, it’s already dark there,” but he sensed the other was right, which brought him back to the future. What was the legacy of who he was? Only he could make it. It was only him, so what was it to be?

And then there was time, he didn’t have much. There were already so many gone. Time is so precious. It’s the only thing of real thing of value we possess, and it was becoming more valuable by the day.

He made the choice, he was a writer!

A short story by David Hutchison100_0036hobn (4)

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