He’d been watching her for some time. Not all the time, but some time, in between the sentences within those escapable moments, hidden in paragraphs as he wrote a client report on his ipad.

She’s really quite attractive crossed his mind, now seemingly transfixed by her. From a business point of view she was getting a lot more focus than his client. His coffee was cold.

I could just smile as I walk by for a refill he thought. He’d had the thought before with other women and had yet to smile at one.

What is the matter with men she thought having caught his eye several times. He’s cute. He could at least smile it would make it so much easier.

In frustration she looked back at the face of her computer. “I’m so sick of these reports. Can’t these people do anything for themselves? Poop she thought, I need some fun.

 He looked up, she smiled. OK, I’ve done all I can, now it’s up to you she thought.

Damn, she smiled the thought now racing through his very excited mind.

His response was completely unexpected by either of them. He returned her smile.

“I need a refill” he said to himself as he stood and headed for the coffee bar. He retained the smile knowing he would have to walk right by her.

As he neared she held up her cup and said “I’ll have same.”

Without stopping he took her cup. This is turning out to be a damn fine day he thought. He couldn’t stop smiling as he added sugar to her cup.

David Hutchison, Writerphoto0035