A 105 minutes to go

Sheltered by giant firs and cedars the children ran wild, in, out and about the cooking hut. Their matching blue shirts were the only things that brought order to the chaos. The blue marking them for their overseers too see, and allowing them a chance, a small chance, really only a slim hope of not losing at least one.

 As the hot dogs and juice boxes were handed out, the children bopped up and down on tables designed for sitting. Occasionally one would bash into the large unforgiving beams of the table. The crying was immediate. Sitting still was not on the children’s agenda, they were wild with energy and life. Excitement drove them and the sight of swings and slides and other children having fun made them crazy. They couldn’t get the food down fast enough.

Opp’s the first incident. A little boy was choking on the hot dog he tried to inhale. A young and rather voluptuous young blonde jumped to his aid.  With a quick slap on the back up it came all over the little girl beside him. She screamed and then they all screamed. There is unison of children and screaming, they love it. It is in a way a pressure cap designed to release the excitement, for without it, they would simply blow up, their kids.

They could not forestall the inevitable any longer. The overseers for their part knew what was coming and then everything would be completely beyond their control. There was no immediate fence so it was the six of them against forty, they didn’t stand a chance.

“Who wants to go to the playground” he called out.

Their screams signaled a release. They were gone. An immediate result was a little red headed boy turning to join the chase and running into a little dark hair girl driving him and her into the table. In the blink of an eye they were on concrete base scraped and crying. The other thirty eight never stopped to notice. Fortunately for the crying children two of the female overseers stopped to help. That left just four of them to corral the thirty eight. At an almost ten to one ratio, everything was beyond them, chaos ruled.

Within minutes three of the children had run through the water park fully clothed. Those screams of excitement only served to spur more to follow. There was only one overseer to control the water park. Moments later he too was soaked, good nature took over and he laughed and screamed along with them. The inner child was free.

The other three tried valiantly, but the little ones soon ran them to ground. The injured had by now returned to the battle with the matrons not far behind. The odds narrowed with their return. One looked at her watch to find only fifteen minutes had past. “Oh well” she thought “only a hundred and five more minutes to go.

She smiled as it was impossible not to when surrounded by this much elation. Given the chance children will always rule the day, especially a sunny day at the park.

A short story by David Hutchisonphoto0035