Waking up to Alice

At first it was blurry, then, gradually he began to realize it was his ceiling. He recognized the zot. The last of many spit balls wrapped in bent business cards he had thrown at it whenever boredom captured him. Tammy, his long time girlfriend, said it was immature for a thirty year old CGA, with a successful practice, to lie in bed throwing zots at the ceiling.

 Looking at it like that, he had to admit it might be a bit immature, but he was and he could live with it, the bit immature part that is. The successful practice part he wasn’t so sure of after he fired himself from Lowlands Land Development Corporation, his biggest client, whatever, crooks. And Tammy, well she dumped him for Al Fredrickson, a lawyer with his own firm, c’est la vie.

His head hurt, what did he do last night, couldn’t remember, pause, longer pause, a light came on and he remembered he went to O’Doul’s for some jazz. Other than that it was a blank, no, Mark and Peter were there and Peter brought a girl, Jennifer, yeah that was her name. Mark met someone, didn’t remember who.

We drank Champagne, I should never drink Champagne. Every time I do stupid boy shows up and I remember nothing he scolded. He was however, basing the thought on a well established history.

No, wait a minute, I met a girl. We went to the Shangri-La, the bar, what was her name, she was a killer chick he thought as some of the mist cleared way. He was excited, couldn’t remember too much, but she was, far and away the most beautiful woman who had ever paid any attention to him.

 “What was her name?” he asked himself rhetorically.

 “Alice” a sultry voice said to which he answered

 “Yes, Alice” and then came the instant realization that there was someone in bed with him and the world was filled with the scent of Isimiaki and the realization was instantly followed by the 90 degree spin of his body to find himself face to face with…Alice.

“Good Morning Bobby” the face said. A face made up of lips, rudy red lips, a perfect nose, perfect eyes, green eyes a foot deep, enhanced by perfect eyebrows. All of which were framed by thick raven black hair that on one side spilled over a shoulder and flowed down to the pillow behind her and other side flowing down to cover her neck, shoulder and breast and still making its way to the pillow. Hair, lots of hair.

 Oh yeah he thought as he began to remember in a big hurry.”

 “It really happened, didn’t it?” he asked.

“Oh yes Bobby, it really happened” she said reaching out and touching his face, before letting her hand fall away to trace the outline of his neck and shoulder.

“I was drinking Champagne, wasn’t I?” he asked.

“Oh yes Bobby, we were drinking Champagne, expensive Champagne. You bought a round for the house” Alice said.

Lying there feeling her touch and overwhelmed by her beauty he couldn’t care less about the expense, he was just unable to believe she was here with him, so he asked “How did you end up with me or even better how did I end up with you?”

“Well” she said with a smile that made every hair on his body stand on end and realize he was naked. “You just walked up to me and said Hi, my name is Robert, how do you like me so far? What was I to do with a pitch like that but say “I don’t know, keep talking and here we are. You’re quite the talker Bobby.”

“I guess I was really celebrating. What, was I celebrating?” he asked.

Removing her hand from his shoulder, which immediately made him regret asking, she reached behind her to pick up a shinny silver tiara that said “Happy New Year.” And then, in one single motion firmly affixed the tiara in her luscious raven black hair, making her even more attractive, if that was possible.

“Oh yeah, New Years, I tend to go a bit overboard on New Years Eve” he said.

“You certainly do Bobby, especially paying the young bar maid $100.00 to get it. How did you put that, oh yes, so I wouldn’t be without a hat on New Years Eve, after all, you always wanted to kiss a princess. You’re such a romantic Bobby.”

Then she leaned forward and kissed him and not with some innocent peck, but with something spilling over in passion. Now he remembered, now he really remembered as he wrapped his arms around her and crushed her to him.

“Oh yes” he breathed “I really remember”

 To which Alice replied “Stop talking Bobby.”

David Hutchison – Writer



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