To President Obama from a Canadian

Dear Mr. President,

You are now starting down the path of another election campaign. Define the debate with wisdom, abandon the weapons of negativity, leave that to your competitor, it’s all he has.

Focus on your message, on your goals, ambitions and accomplishments. Ignore the rants of hatred and sow love, where there is injury, pardon, where there is despair, hope, where there is darkness, light and where there is sadness, joy.

Speak not of Democrats or Republicans, speak to all. Make no answer to negative advertising, and create none of your own for they champion only greed.

Stand tall young President for the devil at the gate will disparage you at every turn. He will attack what you have built. Turn insult aside with articulate oratory of uplifting visions of an inspired future and its aspirations, for that, he will have no rhetoric.

Champion people, for they are the ones who vote.

Tread softly in the world of fundamentalism for it is a harbinger of division, even within itself. All have an opinion of right and wrong, but keep in mind, God is an independent.

Health care and education are the cutting edge of the future. They are not morsels to be cut off pleasing a military that take’s your children out to be crucified in a hopeless battle for peace, a peace that can never be won through violence.

Pave a road of moral fortitude for all those who follow, as many will be blinded by policy. Build it long and strong. Build it to stand the test of time, build it to reach a world full of clean air with an abundance of water, empty of prohibition, schools for all, and rampant with the milk of human kindness.

As you walk this road, walk in the footsteps of Gandhi and King. Take ownership of their hopes and dreams, pass them on to young and old alike, let them embrace those messages and unity will bring you safely home.  

And remember, Mr. President, you are not just the champion of those in America, you are the champion of millions if not billions of others around the world. You are the light for us to see and if you listen you will hear us cheering. Like Kennedy and Ali, you are the people’s champion.

Your neighbour,

David Hutchison