The Petulant Prime Minister

November 29, 2012 Canada votes against the UN resolution to change the Palestinian observer status from entity to non member state within the United Nations.

The resolution passed by a vote of 138 to 9, with 41 abstentions. Our eight other partners in this stupidly were the United States, Israel, the Czech Republic, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau and Panama. Now is that pathetic or what?

There was a time when Canada stood for something more than good banking. And just so you know, the structure making our banking stability the envy of the world happened well before the Steven arrived, but I digress.

Since the arrival of Steven Harper and I have to say Steven Harper, because the rest of the party are just sheep, Canada’s reputation as a shining light has dimmed considerably. Thank god Chretien was Prime Minister when George W came looking for more victims to support his illegal war in Iraq. Prime Minister Chretien chose to support UN resolutions instead.

Conservatives like to place themselves at top of Judeo Christian values, but I think a quick reminder is in order, Christ said “What so ever you do for the least amongst you, you do for me.” When you voted against the Palestinians and then threatened them, you weren’t doing for the least.    

Oh yes, I do know we have to protect Israel, really, why, they’re already the toughest kids on the block, and bordering on becoming the bullies of the block. Israel can make peace anytime it wants to and at present it doesn’t want to. Let’s hope Tzipi Livni wins the next election.

There is an old mantra, divide and conquer. The Palestinians are divided on so many levels aside from the fact they are physically divided into two walled off enclaves with different governments. They are a people who have never known nationhood, and if they seem a bit insane, maybe after all that has happened to them, it is understandable.

Steven Harper, those are the people you should have been standing for, the downtrodden. Canada as a nation has stood for the downtrodden many times before and garnered global respect for it. Since you showed up, our stature within the UN has dropped like a trud in a toilet.

You may not remember Lester B. Pearson, but during his lifetime and the subsequent years following we became known as Peace Keepers and many times, Peace Makers. Maybe if you do a little research you might find that on the world stage, the petulant child soon becomes tiring, particularly when he sends his bully to stand in for him and threaten the weakest amongst us. You didn’t even have the courage to show up and do it yourself.

Keep it up Steven, all these mean spirited actions may bring us an open government more interested in helping others than debasing them.

 Hang your head Steven you have brought shame on our country!   

David Hutchison Writer