We’re missing today

Its odd how screwed up we get. This maybe it, all we get, this life we live. We spend time insanely worrying only of tomorrow, we’re missing today

Tomorrows expectations are flush with hope and fear, wealth and poverty, unknown glory or martyred death, we’re missing today

Tomorrow is myth, dearth of value and things that may never occur, now is alive with who we are and what we do, we’re missing today

What if this is the only time we’ll be able to hug, to touch, to love, to fuck, to be stoned, to be stuffed, to be silly, what if it is the only time, we’re missing today

Is there a next time, maybe, but maybe we’re just air, maybe we’re just part of something bigger or smaller, maybe it doesn’t matter, we’re missing today

Could we be wrong and this moment, this space in time is the expected gift from god and we’re just too blind to see, to petulant to embrace, we’re missing today

I hugged my granddaughter, she hugged back, she’s already eleven, no paradise can be greater, we’re missing today

I played catch with one grandson, read a book with another, gave a ring to the eldest, we’re missing today

The sky is blue, the ocean green, the stars are forever and dreams abundant, we’re missing today

We are born, we live, we die, …we’re missing today

David Hutchison, Writer

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