A Kiss

A Kiss

            It was just a kiss on the hand, but it wasn’t. It was her kiss, her lips, her eyes, her hair, her body, all of her. And the impact grew as her lips moved from the knuckles of his hand to his face. The tip of her nose a hairs width from his, his eyes stolen by her, her breath became his, he shuddered.

          His skin seemed on fire, the waves washed up on the shore, his hand held hers and the stars got brighter. He had no control as like the spider she drew him to her web, a web of desire.

          I should have control, no let her, it will be better that way he thought.

          “I wanted to feel rich like all those other people, people going places in their expensive clothes” she said in that sultry voice with just the perfect touch of sadness.

          “How much does it take to feel rich?” he asked.

          “I don’t know” she replied as she lay back against the palm tree, dropping her eyes to the hand holding her ankle.

          “Are you done?” she asked

          “Oh… I’m sorry” he said returning to tie the last strip of fabric around her ankle.

           She watched him work. Was he rich? she wondered.

          He had saved her from the violence of a former lover. His warm and caring touch scorched her, she liked that. The handsome young face shone in the moonlight, she liked that to. He looked rich like all the others, but he cared and they didn’t.

         As he finished she lifted her body towards him.

         “Is that better?” he asked.

           She moved closer bringing that scent of jasmine with her. He wanted her. He wanted her right now, right here in the sand. He wanted to be touching her with his lips. He could taste her, but for all of it he feared rejection. She seemed too beautiful for him. Doubt cast aside bravado.

          “Will you stay the night with me” she asked as her eyes carried him even closer. His hand moved to her knee and her lips to his month.

           Now breathless, she pulled him down to join her on the sand. He felt himself against her. She was the fire that caused his skin to burn.

         …and doubt ran away!

David Hutchison, Writer