the witch’s malice, trailer two; the difference and the preference between love and power. Everyone has a choice and their reasons.

May 13, 2010


Kimberley could see her across the store, the book woman. Stephanie Ann Jones consumed books the way most of her clients consumed drugs.

Still compensating she thought if she ever gets over losing the baby, maybe she can go get that doctorate she always talked about.

She looked away move on she told herself, she didn’t.

Ten years Stef, when are you going to let it go she thought. Yes I fucked your husband, you pushed him away; I’m a witch you knew that. A garden left untended is easy pickings.

I love you Stef she shouted across the store… in her mind, but she wouldn’t left it out. Conflicted, she hated that. Not much ever got in her way, except Stef and Mara and the families. She missed them on so many levels, Mara the most altruistic woman on the planet. Kimberly loved how Mara would stroke her back, a natural touch. There was a time when she needed that just to know she existed, but not now.

Being the bitch witch is hard work, but here, at this moment watching Stef, she could see her in Vincent’s arms spinning flawlessly as they danced across the floor at their wedding. Shit they looked like Hitler’s perfect couple all tall, blonde and blue eyed. They were effortless, but give them credit; they loved every minute of it. She envied them as memory softened the moment.

She could change but she wouldn’t, even seeing Stef in person rather than just in her mind only served to amplify her beauty, Diana the Roman Goddess of the hunt came to mind brought on by a body that just didn’t quit, look at the tits on that girl, fifty three and not sag anywhere, not your average menopausal woman.

Kimberly may have been dazzled by Stef’s physical attributes, but she would not change who she was or where she was going. To her power ranked a great deal higher than big bazoos. The discipline of distance assured a certain level of loneliness, even with Chelsea she was the strict house mother.

 She had stopped touching, she stopped feeling. Even the recognition of it wouldn’t change her, the power addicted her. Few people ever have real power, let alone absolute power. She did and had no intention of parting with it.

Happiness for Kimberley came in the form of subservience from all those within her dominion. A concept the families never understood, but witches knew. Despite the implications, this was her reality, and she loved it as much as she loved them.

Power is a seductive companion, it can fill every moment, she was never really alone and there was a confederate. She smiled like a queen overseeing her vassals.

David Hutchison, Writer


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