Training Willie

June 24, 2010

Eddy didn’t need to call and tell her, she knew Jessie Memento didn’t pay and that he had assaulted him. Nobody did that to her people, nobody but her. It wouldn’t take a great deal of effort on her part to rectify the situation, however, Willie said Memento was okay and she should let him in.

To make matters worse, since his illustrious endorsement, Jessie had amassed twenty gangbangers and infringed on several other franchises. Those actions were cause to cancel the agreement. While Willie could be an adequate lover and sergeant at arms, he was prone to poor judgment making it his responsibility to execute the cancellation.

Pulling someone’s chain is a common expression, Kimberley preferred to pull their brain it tended to be more denigrating. She had pulled Willie’s knowing it would enrage him. His belligerent attitude showed itself in his words “Yeah, what do you want.”

“I want my rules followed to the letter Willie” she said glaring at him as his headache began. “Your little buddy, Jessie Memento didn’t pay his bill and he attacked Eddy. I want you to go over there, beat the shit out of him, dismantle his group and bring me my money.”

“And just so we are clear, this is not a training session, I expect him to die. I want a message sent, do you understand. You break the rules, you suffer the consequences.” The pain ran down his arm.

“You will find the money hidden under the kitchen sink. Beneath the debris is a trap door, and in the box you will find $300,000 in cash. Take the money and bring it to me” she demanded.

“Why don’t you just blow up his head and make him deliver it” Willie said

He stood 6’4” and weighed 240 pounds. The first thing he did every morning was to bench press his own weight twenty times to stimulate his body. Too bad he couldn’t stimulate his mind. Kimberley knew size did not equal intelligence.

“My, what a simple plan, however you would learn nothing from the exercise, he is one of your people, reliable people you assured me, he isn’t. So you will go over there, and dismantle that franchise with all due prejudice” Kimberley said.

He sulked, she didn’t care. “And Willie, no commission, this is gratis.” He looked at her “For free Willie, in advertising it’s called a make good.”

He hated her and if he could, he would kill her.

“What were you just thinking Willie” she asked?

“His face turned red with rage but said “Nothing.”

Her face grew dark and the pain in his knees accelerated as Kimberley said “You will never be free of me Willie, never. Remember that. Now get out of my sight and take care of your mess. I’ll be watching.”

Willie’s rage told Kimberley her demands would be met.

David Hutchison, Writer