July 20, 2010

Reciprocity – the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit, esp. privileges granted by one country or organization to another.

Kimberley didn’t need to search for a definition she knew her coming meeting with Chamberlain Carstairs, king of the biker world would be all about reciprocity. Everything would come down to territory, distributors and suppliers and that’s where the reciprocity came in, but whose. Kimberly liked to get, giving, not so much.

One evening at some drunken stag Willie met Pablo Margarito, step son of Chamberlain Carstairs. A gun fight ensued and Willie saved Pablo’s life. Since then they had become fast friends. Kimberley knew this was the first real male bonding Willie had ever experienced. She allowed it to continue knowing Willie would provide an open conduit into their operation.

She had heard all the rumors about this father and son team. Watching and listening from a distance Kimberley decided she liked her own pond just as it was. While she may have had no interest in acquisitions or partnerships, she did however, have an interest in the rumor of Chamberlain being a warlock.

Chamberlain Carstairs, past member of the San Francisco Hells Angels, now power house lawyer for their numerous chapters across the continent was also a player in the drug business. With global traffic in illegal drugs now exceeding a trillion dollars annually, Chamberlain, aka Bill saw it a cause for more. When Pablo told him about her system, he liked it, she could be more.

Kimberley knew she had the best system in the world. And through her pipeline she knew Mr. Carstairs and his son Pablo proud holder of several thousand drug dealing thugs, wanted it. He thinks he can get it she thought.

She smiled sensing some power, but a warlock, she thought not. Maybe a demonstration of power would blunt such a shallow assumption. Kimberley had to admit he wasn’t an open book, so maybe, but nothing indicated his being a match for her.

The car stopped to find Chamberlain opening her door. “How gallant Mr. Carstairs” she said, her pose demure as she took the offered hand.

“Very nice to finally meet you after all this time Kimberley and please call me Bill,” he said.

“Thank you Bill” she said turning to face Willie “a woman can never get enough gallantry.”

“It’s easy with such a beautiful woman” he said.

“Keep sending those complements and I’ll lose control, but gallantry aside where is your lovely wife Esperanza, I have heard so much about her” Kimberley said.

“Esperanza is upstairs, she will join us in the yard for cocktails” he said.

“I’ll bet she will” Kimberley said a smile spreading across her face as she took his offered arm.

If he is the warlock he professes to be, he would understand her mental probing, if he didn’t, he wasn’t. So what do you want Bill the first probe asked?

Everything he answered.

Oh how delightful, you are real she replied as Esperanza joined them.

David Hutchison, Writer