Catching Some Rays

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Her business had grown at a stupefying pace for the last two years having completed the franchising of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. In two weeks all franchises had been placed. Forty million in fees, staggering amounts of money for opening affluent new markets with no drain on her power. She owned the boomer market and the seniors distributing to their boomer children.

In ten years supply had never over reached demand, everything she could produce, she could sell. The achievement devalued money to a statistic. However, the influx created the need for more banks. It’s time to visit Mr. Stuyvesant at the Capital Bank of Aruba and get that ledger she thought.

Carstairs presented a momentary problem. His access to her business through Willie forced her to conclude the relationship and let him run to Pablo. Kimberley had withdrawn anything important and could tap into him as required.

Her relentless probing of Carstairs opened those little nooks and crannies telling her what she needed to know. She could read the pernicious character hidden underneath the charm particularly after seeing him operate in his own home in front of his wife.

He had come to visit and once past the intellectual jousting, she initiated sex, sucking  out what she needed, the ledgers location. As for the man himself, each day held less appeal, like Willie, he had served his purpose.

The information was not however without its surprises, conspiracy. Anne had felt it to. They met on the north beach of Buntzen Lake on the pretence of catching some rays.  Surrounded by mountains they sat in confident privacy “Carstairs is behind it” Kimberley said.

Anne Rutherford , a witch of Kimberley’s making and unknown to the others, would be seen as a disservice in the realm. However, her confidence reigned supreme and expected compliance.

“I’m surprised out sister witches allowed Carstairs to join their coven. He doesn’t complete it. Where is the queen witch and an old one” Anne said.

 “The queen witch will come I promise you. As for the old ones, they don’t like me, but they fear him. I gave them the Maritimes as a make nice.”

“Gestures are important dear as you’re not always the most enduring character.”

“I know, but I have found none who support him. He has a reckless reputation, they don’t like reckless and he has little to offer in his saturated and warring markets.”

“It odd isn’t it, the women are jealous, the men are fearful sending support going in opposite directions” Anne said

“Venus and Mars Anne go figure. Things will change when a witch dies.”

“It’s a tricky exercise Kimberley. Disrupting a group in a coven no matter how incomplete is considered as a disservice in the realm. And your creation of me is not allowed. If we’re caught the old ones will partner with Carstairs” Anne said.

“Anne they’re a conflicted lot. Our job is to make sure it happens from within.”

“Malice is your companion” Anne said.

the witch’s malice coming September 2013

David Hutchison, Writer