Witches Kill

September 28, 2010

Kimberley had just come from a run through the endowment lands adjacent to the UBC campus when she noticed an elderly woman watching her. At first she paid no attention and continued to towel down before shooting some hoops.

The longer the woman stared the more her senses tingled telling Kimberley to acknowledge her. Turning Kimberley smiled. She even made the effort to invoke some warmth. The woman returned her smile and patted the seat beside her on the bench.

By any standards of witchcraft Kimberley’s sensory perception set her apart from the rest. In spite of her capacity she had missed the old woman. Kimberley couldn’t resist and went to join her. “Hello, do you know me?”

“I am your patron. I have been watching you since birth. Sit down, take a moment with an old woman” she said

“You have been watching all this time, why” Kimberley asked?

“For every great witch, there is a patron assigned to her by the old ones” she said.

Kimberley smiled “Don’t take this the wrong way, but you look pretty old yourself.”

“I am old, you are my fifth. Of all of them you will be the most powerful and you will have many enemies” she said.

“Who are you” Kimberley asked.

“I am called Kiri” she said.

“Will I grow old like you Kiri” Kimberley asked?

“No child, but you will be remembered” Kiri said.

Kimberley awoke with a start, sweat covered her body. She had no patron, Kiri had died. Her voice to council lay silent and the war had begun. Closing her eyes Kimberley checked each franchise, she saw Alfred Leek, the mayor/franchise holder for Swift Current, Saskatchewan dead in his bed.

Blood trickled down from the bullet hole in his forehead. Kimberley sat up to focus on his room and see Morris Haraluk rummaging through the dresser.  Alfred’s wife Betty lay dead beside him.  Kimberley’s power reached out and removed the remnants of the bullet.

She grabbed Morris in a trance and turned him to see the bullet hovering between his eyes saying, “Who sent you?”

His eyes crossed to see the bullet. Fear swept over him as the trance crushed the space around him, he said “Anthony Lucawich.”

Another punk leading back to Willie who had now fallen under the shroud of Carstairs, the bullet released, Morris died.

She couldn’t go to war with Carstairs, seniors and growers don’t make very good soldiers. What she could do was poison the ground he walked on. The handle of the gun on the floor now carried the finger prints of Anthony Lucawich. The bullets in the cartridge of the gun now carried those of Chamberlin Carstairs, a new file containing those finger prints and pictures emerged at the local RCMP detachment.

A call came into the switchboard reporting a prowler near the mayor’s house. The operator immediately dispatched a car to investigate. Bill Carstairs opened an email containing pictures of Tommy and Morris, the finger print file, and a message, Witches Kill, stay out of my business.

David Hutchison, Writer


the witch’s malice

Coming September 2013