In the Palm of her hand

October 1, 2010

“Good morning” he said in a voice slightly tainted by an Egyptian dialect. Kimberley knew this immediately, not because she had any previous experience with the language, but because witches have a Google like capacity to know all human nuances instantly.

Tilting her head to see the tall, elegant man leaning on the railings of the White Rock Pier beside her she said “Good Morning, are you a local or a visitor far from home.”

“The world is my home” he said.

“Retired?” she asked.

“No, just overseeing my empire” he said.

“I didn’t know warlocks kept empires. I thought they just plundered as required” she said.

“It is a sad generalization of history” he said.

“It’s Mendo, isn’t it?” Kimberley asked returning to the view.

He smiled and said “It is hard to fool such an adept witch.”

“I don’t think you’re trying too hard.” Kimberley said. She paused before turning back to him. “It seems a long way to come just to watch the tide rush in.”

“Nothing is very far for me. More importantly I came to see a woman whose power is growing and bringing dissention within her community. The other eleven are worried” Mendo said.

“Pish tosh, I have never even been to their communities or made any effort to meet them” Kimberley said.

“Reputation alone can cause uncertainly” he said.

“Coffee” she said placing a perfectly blended cup in his hand. She had taken the taste from his mind.

Mendo smiled, sipped the coffee and said “Seduction.”

“I hope so” she said mischievously.

“Witches never attempt seduction with a warlock” he said.

“Mendo, you know I’m not like the others, I still enjoy a man. I need to feel his weight on top of me” Kimberley said.

Her smile offered him warmth, he could feel her passion. In person she presented all those things he had seen from a distance. He returned her smile and the cup disappeared as he took her to her bed.

“Mmmm” she murmured as he entered. Her passion flushed him in a way he had not foreseen.

Later as they lay side by side he said “You take pleasure from me like an eager child with a hunger for more.”

The sex made her playful as she asked “More what?”

“More of my power, a power you cannot have” Mendo said.

“Oh Mendo, how could I ever take power from such an ancient man as you” she laughed.

“You would take the blue from a Robin’s egg if it pleased you. You are still a child taking whatever suits you, but from me, no” Mendo said as she reached between his legs and held him in the palm of her hand.

the witch’s malice coming in September, 2013


David Hutchison, Writer