Always the water

December 13, 2010

Always the water he thought. He never tired of it, to be in it or above to it or see it, he felt complete.

The realm held little water, power however, it held in abundance, but after all his time he would take the water. At least that’s what he thought now standing serene thirteen inches above the surface, the sun upon his face.

He felt supreme, such an exquisite feeling. The emotion aroused all his senses. He could see the world from a distance and up close simultaneously. He could reach out and touch the universe. There were no boundaries to his domain.

Did this moment of thought cause my lord Lucifer to fall he asked himself?

A dangerous thought that neither he or nor any other could save from the wisdom of God. Had he sealed some unknown fate? A disservice?

Of the twelve subordinate angels cast down for their disservice all had died over time and each replaced by another. And no longer angels; witchery had become their nature.

He had seen the garden; he had seen Cain slay Abel, he had seen Abraham hold the knife above his son and he had seen the flooding of the earth. For all of it, mostly the emptiness of it possessed him. Time is glacial in its pace he thought.

He turned from the thoughts and back to the reason for his contemplation Kimberley Clarke. For all his power, he had no ability to stop her birth, it had been written in the book. And that could not be changed. One does usurp Gabriel. 

He had his time with her or had she had her time with him. Extraordinary witch, an evil woman, who, like he, saw no limitations and that disturbed him.

The altercations with San Diego Perez had become a mess he had to clean up. If Kimberley had just killed her it would have been easier to deal with, she didn’t. Now it left him with a tiff between witches.

Conflict demanded he step in, or not, maybe he could just let them settle it themselves, a thought.

Mendo went back to the water.

the witch’s malice – coming soon

David Hutchison, Writer