A party would be good

December 31, 2010

At 6am in the morning in the Quay in New Westminster, B.C. the sun isn’t quite up yet. Stephanie Anne Jones sat on a bench watching the shadows of the river run by.  Sleep had been dear of late, she could feel Kim.

Vincent couldn’t, Michelle couldn’t, Raj couldn’t, not even Sami, the one she had doted on. She could, Mara could and Lena could. She and Mara should feel her, not Lena.

Kim’s in trouble she thought. She needs something, but what?

And she felt conflicted over her gratitude that Kim hadn’t come for Michelle. She loved Lena, but right now at this moment she knew grateful. She knew why she felt grateful, she had lost a child, and she knew why Kim had come for Lena, innocence.

Witches need innocence around for protection therefore witches will not destroy innocence. They will however use said innocence if it is required to protect their interests.

Used properly innocence can be a most powerful shield. Inside the deepest and most remote recesses of a witch, she carries a vague sense of innocence, something lost in their decent. Even all these generations later, it never left.

Stef had a feeling Kimberley and her power had made some serious enemies. Kim’s indifference to others outside her chosen few never enamored her to the masses and if she had to fight anyone or anything opposing her, she would with all the malice she could muster.

But then again, so would all the others.  Maybe it’s better to be used by the devil you know, than the devil you don’t. And if witches were involved they would be used.

In truth, witches only fear other witches, nothing else can hurt them. They will kill with no hesitation and many times found watching death an enjoyable pass time. Given the slightest opportunity they will kill Kim she thought.

Alone in the dim morning light Stef asked “Okay Kim I know you’re around, what do you want?”

The morning tide ran for the ocean as the tug scooting by attested. She watched, and waited, nothing.

If a witch doesn’t want to talk to you, all you can do is let her read your thoughts. Leave Mara alone, leave Lena alone, you want something you come and see me Kim. You don’t, so help me God, I will rip you heart out with my bare hands she thought.

He had watched her for ten or so minutes, good thing he brought the umbrella, it had started to rain. She didn’t move, Vincent did and in steps he stood beside her “Umbrella madam.”

“Yes, thank you.”

“I brought a thermos.”

“How thoughtful” she said taking it from his hand. “Sit down before your seat gets wet.”

Vincent watched as she poured the coffee. He took his as it she handed it to him, but waited until Stef had a sip before drinking from his.

“Very good and thank you, your timing is perfect.”

“You were up early” he said.

“Yes… I had some things to work out” she said.

“And” he asked.

“Their okay” she said laying her head on his shoulder.

“We can party then?”

“Yes, a party would be good.”

I hope you enjoy the story, I was thinking of Elmore (Dutch) Leonard when I wrote it. He passed away Tuesday August 20th, 2013. Thanks for the 10 things never to do in fiction. They helped me a lot.


David Hutchison, Writer