A Way of thinking

A way of thinking

The tools of violence will never bring an end to violence. They are self edifying as we march to their drums. We are insane to advocate it, this murder.

We kill the preachers of peace, along with everyone else. Peace, such a utopian idea. We went for the War God, the one who will give us this perfect life we crave, no matter how corrupt or immoral.  

We murder in God’s name, the creator of life. A God who created an entire universe for us to live in, sadly we missed that point…to live in…to…live…in.

If God’s presence fills an infinite universe, somehow I don’t think God requires idolatry or adoration, perhaps the odd thank you would be more appropriate for the paradise we are given.

Look in the mirror people, we are all part of the problem. We sing about living together, but can’t understand the education it takes to achieve it.

Peace Education is the only answer, not one of the answers, it is the answer!

I hear statements like, we’ll bomb them back to the Stone Age!” They’re already there, that’s why we are at war.

We need to comprehend the true values and benefits of peace, and to reiterate … PEACE EDUCATION! We can do everything else, peace, is the missing part of the equation.

We are ignorant of its capacity; however, it is essential we overcome this ignorance. Peace is a prerequisite to our salvation.

I am constantly told that we are fighting for peace, but we have been fighting for peace my entire life and we’re going backwards.

To quote Albert Einstein “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage – to move in the opposite direction.”  

When we are moving in that direction, we will find it much easier to breathe, to be healthy, to love and to live a full life.

To evolve this humanity we claim, all it takes is Peace Education. Google it, it’s out there. When you find it tell your neighbour!

There are complete curriculums, kindergarten to grade twelve.  University degree courses for teachers to master the skills necessary to enlighten coming generations.

We can do it, all we have to do, is recognize that there is more money in peace than war. So many miracles waiting to be discovered and created, we are much more productive in a sane environment.

If you feel the need to raise a hand, raise it for education, Peace Education.

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David Hutchison