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Let Freedom Ring

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

We all have prophets; one of mine is Dr. King. I’m sure some will be insulted, but my interpretation of a prophet, is someone who gave me important moral values and non violence is pretty high up on the list for me. At the very least he is a hero. I watched Selma the other night. It stirred memories of him, his commitment to non violence and showing its ability to over come hatred. 

In the end, like Gandhi, Christ and Mohammad, they killed him. Hate runs deep in its drive to suppress freedom. Sitting at my desk I pulled out a copy of his speech at the Lincoln Memorial and I say “Let Freedom Ring.”

His work is done as freedom rings in America, his work, however, is not done in Syria and Iraq. They have no Dr. King, no Gandhi, no Christ and sadly no Mohammad. No one to lead all those driven from their countries and homes to live in the refugee camps of Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. No one too lead them back and let freedom ring.  

It leaves only us to be responsible and champion love over hate.

Where do we begin, we have no country to communicate with, only an insane rabble called the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. These pretenders to the thrones are not people of a true faith. This is simply about power and the commitment to destroying freedom within those countries thus assuring themselves it will never ring.

We have others in Yemen, Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan, most working under the guise of Al-Qaida or the Taliban. They are men who kill little girls because they have the audacity to want to go to school. Can you imagine being afraid of little girls who want to go to school. How dark must their terror be to embark on these craven acts? What nightmare must they travel with to be offended by the bells of freedom?

I don’t see them to be pious men of god, or good will, just instigators of terror.

To address these issues, we, the people of the free world need to develop better relationships with our Muslim brethren. Communities within our own countries; and those struggling to achieve freedom abroad.  We need to assist them in their search for their own Dr. King who can lead them out of their nightmare.

We need to bring them out of their seclusion and embrace them. We need to support them here and more importantly we need to go into those refugee camps and provide the necessary stability.  A stable environment allowing them the will to wait it out, to return to their homes, to rebuild, and hear freedom’s ring.

When that time comes, we need to be there. Too assist in building schools for the children, hospitals for the sick and injured. To be there and help them rebuild on a solid foundation of trust, without it, freedom will not ring.  

We need to be compassionate and understanding and try not to impose a democracy that is not of their making. If we are to hear the bells of freedom toll, we need to support their vision with humanitarian aid and a commitment to stay the course.

For if we are not supportive with compassion and understanding, this horror will just return. We need them to trust us, a trust well earned or this mess will continue to perpetuate. Over and over again we will fall into this abyss and no one will be free.

And most importantly we must understand that we are not fighting Muslims, we are fighting people with a very clear plan. They know exactly what they want, they want power, nothing else, just power. God is a comfortable ruse, a justifiable cover under which to operate and plug their ears to freedom’s joy.

I don’t know this Imam who now leads ISIS. I don’t imagine him to be any different than his numerous predecessors from the past, and likely no different from Hitler or Stalin. This are about power and conquest. In this case, their unity stick is Allah and Mohammad. They work with the oldest model of history, divide, conquer and stamp out freedom.

These groups impose the worst kind of malice. To them, there can be no reward. We must be diligent and remove all power bases, number one, fear. They operate on fear, the more fearful, the more submissive their victims become.  They are the opposite to everything a peaceful nation stands for. In the end, we risk our own sanity and our reverence for the sanctity of human life.

They have put our morality to question as we try to rebuild freedoms road. If freedom is to ring, we must never lose sight of what and who they are and stand firm against ever becoming what and who they are. If we do, we win, if we don’t, we lose. 

And because of that, we need to ask ourselves, how did we get here? When we can answer that question, maybe we won’t have to come back.

Let Freedom Ring.

David Hutchison