Prohibition Funds Crime

David Hutchison, Writer

No matter how many times I make the claim, Prohibition funds Crime, it is ignored. Pooh, poohed by the righteous.

Despite indifference, the statement in itself makes all others redundant in the address of crime. Until prohibition is withdrawn as an article of criminal law, the carnage in Surrey will continue unabated.

Illegal drugs are a global industry worth as much as a trillion dollars annually. It funds war between countries, religions and neighbourhoods. It taints our political system with bribery, and intimidation.

On January 1, 2014 recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado. Four licenses were issued in Brackendale, but deeded that they move to the outskirts, away from the community of 5,000 which continues to enjoy the  operation of 100 liquour licenses.  

We preach child safety, all the while forgetting our childhood. That time when we were wild, stealing booze from our parent’s liquour cabinets, and smoking pot. We also fell out of trees and lived to tell about it, we will live through this as well.

This is a common sense issue, until Prohibition is rescinded, and we integrate drugs into the community as a whole, we won’t see the answer, which lies in amalgamation.

And maybe our children, and grandchildren will survive their adolescence, and not be gunned down in cars.   

This isn’t just a Surrey problem, it is a global problem manifested by arcane American drug policies. We need to be the answer and as a nation legalize marijuana.

When we do this, and only then will we begin the process of bringing drugs out of the closet, and into the light of day where we will realize just how much Prohibition funds Crime.

 David Hutchison, Writer