Foreign Affairs

The Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD; more commonly known as Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada, is the department in the Government of Canada that manages Canada’s diplomatic and consular relations, to …

It seemed like a good idea to begin with the literal definition of Foreign Affairs. It is not all that glamorous or incestuous in the cold light of day. Monday’s debate was about Foreign Affairs which brought about a discussion on our participation in a war, the latest war.

There seems to be a bit of consensus amongst the media that Mr. Harper held his own on the decision to go to war with ISIS. So what, he was wrong, and the young Mister Trudeau was right. Like Chretien before him, no, was the right answer.

Why was “no” the right answer you may ask, because our Prime Minister is bulling us with this war! It is a tool in his reelection campaign. There is no moral attachment. His choice to go to war was not to seek a conclusion, but to scare us into voting for him.

If true be told, we have no real role in this conflict. We have six fighters and support costing hundreds of millions of dollars, for what, the occasional sortie and the accompanying photo op.

He has blown the issue out of proportion in an attempt to intimidate the Canadian population. His strategy is to immortalize a small, pathetic group of demented human beings who screamed out in desperation for attention.

Not particularly good optics for the Department of Foreign Affairs or the Nation it represents.

Canada is a Nation, a haven of security in all the world. He is taking that away from us. Our principle security issue is not ISIS, it is Prohibition, that law that funds crime across the country, and he above all, has done nothing to bring about its end.

Every day Prohibition kills, and murders people in this country, every day, without exception. Personally, I am far more concerned about the war on my streets.

Prohibition has funded crime in Canada since Nixon, and then as now, it is a policy to make war on its own indigenous population rather than find an answer through education. In this election, on this topic, Mr. Trudeau is the only one seeking an answer to the problem.

The Middle East is what it has always been, a war zone. Our job there is humanitarian aid, to provide food, shelter and education for the children within the displaced communities, living in camps, around the borders of their countries. Education again, is more an answer, than bombs, which are old news. They just kill people and bred hatred. The current issue is about hatred, and there is enough hatred to go around the world.

We need to save those people in those camps. We need them to return to their countries when this over. We need them to rebuild their lives and take back what has been taken from them.

We need to give them hope, and opportunity, and the tools to rebuild, and gain trust in us. We need to be the supportive partner with no guns, only caring and commitment to help build a civil society that guarantees the rights and freedoms they carve. This strategy offers significantly better optics for Canada and its department of Foreign Affairs. Mr. Trudeau knows this, Mr. Harper doesn’t.

Is the world in crisis, yes, but we’ve always been in crisis. There is nothing new here, and we can’t afford to lose sight of that. Whoever gets this job of Prime Minister has to repair the damage done to the image of this Nation. It cannot be Harper. He is the purveyor of the problem.

Is Justin our man, it falls upon the nation to determine that, but his roots are sound. Is he his father’s man, we will have to see. However, circumstance demands change. And it is not with any mistrust or distrust of Mr. Mulcair that I voice hope for Mr. Trudeau, as I have always carried a socialist ilk.

But Justin is young, and with each day getting stronger, and smarter. He carries a charm the others cannot match. His name, emotes history, our history generating warmth, and invitation. He will reopen doors closed by ignorance and prejudice. And he has better counsel than the current Prime Minister, and more likely to invest our money wisely. But in the end, I suspect it will be an inner morality that turns the tide of history in his favor.

Hope is the single most powerful tool known to humankind, we all need hope. So when you step into the box to cast your ballot on October 19th, think about hope, and where it will come from.

 Trust is the currency of humanity

 David Hutchison, Writer