Sorely Disappointed

David Hutchison, Writer

Conservative – holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion

As a longtime reader of the Province, this morning’s Our View was a massive disappointment. I have always known of the papers prejudicial support of Conservative causes and that is their right, however today’s column is a slap in the face.

Steven Harper has not been good for the economy. He contributed one hundred and fifty billion to the deficit over his tenure, been delinquent in his responsibility to R&D and had no real vision beyond the support of Oil and Gas development.

The trade deals: one with Europe has still to be finalized and this latest adventure with the Pacific Rim is questionable at best.

As far as policy goes, he got the first two balanced budgets as a gift from the outgoing Paul Martin Liberals. Like Gordon Campbell in his time most the success was provided by World recoveries and the work of the previous governments.

We would foolish to follow the papers suggestion and support a fraud. If the Harper is reinstated, the nation as whole is lost to a bully. He is a man of little fortitude and malice towards most.    

We stand to gain more from change. Steven Harper is an accountant and narrow in scope. We need vision not retrenchment.

Save the nation and vote for anyone, but Harper.

Goodbye Steven!