My city is burning!


I love Paris, but its 5000 miles away, and I can do nothing, but mourn!


It is most amazing city I have ever known, and again it is

under attack. Twice Linda and I have visited, the last time

for the month of September this year. Each time we rented

an apartment, shopped with the Parisians for our groceries 

and pastries. Sat with them in their cafes and embraced the



Today I’m not there to offer support, to share their pain or their outrage. Paris is under attack and my heart is breaking for them.


At this time no one really knows who is responsible. Given the coordination required to attack multiple areas within the city suggests more than rogue attackers.


Most likely it is ISIS, or Al Qaida, but as ISIS attacked Charlie Hebdo, instinct would suggest it is those mongrels again. The last attack was because they claimed the newspaper besmirched Mohammad. Never once did these savages consider that their own atrocities were the cause.


Despite this horror, Canadians have to focus our efforts on humanitarian support in the communities where Syrians, and Iraqis are living in squalid camps on the borders outside their home lands.


Within the not to distant future the military powers of the world will turn their full force on the enemy with boots on the ground. Canadians cannot be distracted by this. We have to save those running for their lives. They are the ones who will have to go back and rebuild.


And just as importantly we must accept the Syrian immigrates as soon as they land on our shores to live amongst us. As a nation we must show them there is a better way of life. Once here, they will embrace the security, and turn against all who would rupture it.


This ISIS carrion is trying to scare us. They have no true love for life or God, whom they profess to worship. How sad, how pathetic, how vulgar. They offer no culture, and build nothing.


They are trash, yet we have to pave over the damage, and move on never to mention their names again or what they have done. Let us leave a blank spot in history to ignore them, and their murder.   


These people crave adoration. It is our responsibility to deprive them of it. At the same time we must not hate or we will become them, and all that we have built will be lost to the retribution of our vengeance.


And finally we must return to Paris again, and again to demonstrate we will not cower before them, but trample them with our commitment to justice, and our love for this city, and its people.


Je Suis Paris