In Answer to Turtles

David Hutchison, Writer

I close my eyes to imagine the open skylight over our bed and hear the bells of Notre Dame. When we live in Paris, we are here in Le Marais.

 More than the sound of bells, it is the sound of the people. The rallies for various unions and parties, their calls for he or she, they are French, it is what they do. I miss that, that vibrance and defiance.

Friends are sad for us as they say we can’t go back. They are wrong, our plans are solid; we will go back, again and again. We won’t turtle and lay prostrate chilled with fear. We, like the French will be defiant.  Our tears have been shed, and our resolve stiffened.

Their President has declared war with jets and battle ships. They’re French, they don’t waffle. Everyone else is, but we can’t. They are part of our culture.

French is a language we speak, or should speak. France is a place where our roots still grow. Roots fed by our dead from battles long ago.

The media in Canada is rife with retreat.  Michael Den Tandt’s column in the Vancouver Sun yesterday, Anthony Furey of the Province this morning, a few amongst a myriad of demands that our Prime Minister turtle on his and our commitments.

If we waffle, the nation waffles and our credibility sinks further into the mess left by his predecessor. First day, first call Mr. Trudeau advised the President of the United States of America our jets would be withdrawn.

We as a nation voted in agreement with the commitment to return them before its expiration date. He was very vocal on bringing in 25,000 Syrian refuges by January 1st, 2016. And again we supported the commitment.

Media of every type is full of opposition voices calling out to stop Syrian immigration. America is already bailing on their commitments, while Europe is awash in refuges. At this moment there are more displaced people on the move than at any time since the 2nd World War.   

Canada is not a nation to cower before murders, and Justin is right, this war will be won on the ground. Our troops will be there on the front lines training all those who are left with the will to fight.

In world history great steps forward are taken by people able to stare down the naysayers. Canada is that kind of country, and we are that kind of people.

For this nation at this moment, what is at risk is the courage to honour those commitments. We voted on mass to support our new leader. And where and when we can, every effort should be made to offer our support for and to these new Canadians.

Greatness demands courage. If we want to be great, support the decisions of our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

We will have no truck with turtles!

David Hutchison Writer