Can You Imagine

David Hutchison, Writer


Can you imagine what it will be like to have a leader who does what he says like our Prime Minister? Isn’t it wonderful, a man of goodwill, and morality? A positive and hopeful voice, does it get any better?


Justin is our face to the world, they have forgotten everyone else. He is bright and handsome and he answers for his promises. Does it get any better than that, what is the matter with us?


The media is feasting on cowardice, afraid like the conservative bastion they serve. If he can turn his back on the rabble through a long and grueling campaign, so can we. Let us bathe in his light.


Imagine a man who stands by his word. It has been said, trust is the currency of humanity. Our young Prime Minister’s pockets are full of that currency and he is spending it freely. He gave his word.


Justin Trudeau is the greatest opportunity the country has seen since his father. The things he said he would do, he is doing. What else can we ask? In response we should honour him with our support now, as we did during the election.   


Those 25,000 people living in the squalid border camps of  Lebanon and Turkey represent much of what drove the economies of Syria and Iraq. They may be the very best of what those countries have to offer, an educated population trying to immigrate through a legal process.


We can lead the world or cower. Forty percent of us voted on mass for him, so let us support him. The other sixty percent are a fractured chorus, let us guide them.


This is Canada, and anything is possible!  


David Hutchison, Writer