Don’t say their name

Those people did it again, this time in Brussels. I don’t like to mention their name or its initials. Saying it, would add some legitimacy to them. My hating does nothing but rob me of my civility. It doesn’t seem fair.  


The odd truth is that they hate our civility. It doesn’t really have anything to do with God, after all they are mercilessly killing his children. Then again, so are we in retaliation, but that’s what they want, to die in some senseless Jihad.  


They want their own country, if they win, they will rule a pile of rubble. These people are not capable of building roads or schools or hospitals. They are not civilized. Yes, they can use the tool destructively, but can build anything. They can only build death.  


The Qur’an doesn’t come with operating manuals. And what are they on, version 84. Or can it be changed on the run, at their convenience. The point being, in the end civility will save us and defeat them.


We want it to end. Sadly it seems unlikely, in the short term. We must preserver and stay the course, this is the hard part. A rabid dog does not turn, it must be put down. Then so be it. Keep in mind, they want us to cower before them, they want us to bend, don’t.


Don’t bend and don’t say their name.


David Hutchison