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The time of the NIMBY

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

Once again, it’s the time of the NIMBY.

On the face of it, Justin did the right thing for the country, for Vancouver not so much. If he had just let Enbridge have their way, things would have been fine. The destruction of some pristine forest a million miles away wouldn’t matter.

Now it does matter, it’s in their backyard. Driving their gas powered cars, past people up and down the streets with gas powered leaf blowers; they have every right to be angry.  Who cares if oil companies have to barge gas and oil through a narrow dangerous channel into the Strait of Georgia, a navigational nightmare? Even at that, they wouldn’t have to see it. Make it someone else’s problem, just not here. But it is here.

If you look away, outside to the rest of the world, you just might see how minuscule the contribution is. You would know he’s right. Someone has to lead, and that’s what we elected him to do.

Justin Trudeau is our man. He will do great things and he has equity, let him spend it. In a dysfunctional world with a used car salesman acting as the next president of the United States of America, he is the man to stick handle us through the next four, possibly eight years.

In a year he has traveled the world and made friends everywhere he went. This is our time on the world stage. Don’t fight him. We have real good chance at doing something worthwhile. He’s a teacher, and we don’t have enough of them. He’s a leader and its’ been a long time coming since we had one!

When you’re all driving electric cars, we can talk. Right now, there are tens of thousands of jobs in this country and billions of dollars at stake, maybe a trillion or two. Money we can use to secure our future, like Norway. We’re little country and there’s a storm coming. We need to team up. Let him have his way, because there are no better plans on the horizon.

B.C. will go to the polls soon. Remember the LNG bonanza, never happened and it’s not going too. Christie is hedging her bets. She doesn’t have anything else to offer. The NDP seem unsure. The circumstances are mostly the same across the country, everyone’s pissed.

Justin Trudeau is the single sane voice. He didn’t send some hack to take the heat. He did it on his own. Being the master of the house is a lot more difficult, than being a lackey snapping at the air.

If you’re looking for a problem to solve, turn your attention to pesticides, water and the loss of our natural honey bees, California is dying. We will need to grow our own vegetables.

And most importantly, we need to address the issue of genocide in our own country. Justin will find a greater role for us in the United Nations.  We need to hold our heads high when we’re introduced. As a province, we are guilty, maybe more than others for our lack of treaties.  Our aboriginal bothers and sisters have lives to live. We owe them a quality of life equal to our own.

This young man, Justin Trudeau is the single most important Canadian chosen to lead this country, in my life time of 70 years. Even the hope of greatness is hard to find.

So take a deep breath. Stop stamping your feet, and let him lead.

David Hutchison