Who is David Hutchison, you may ask? A bon vivant, graduate Cum Laude, guy about town, no, just a guy who loves to write. A guy who needs to tell all the stories hidden in the depths of his grey matter, thousands live there. Really, he’s just a guy looking for an audience!

David Leslie Crichton Hutchison (I know it’s long and bit pretentious, but you work with what you’re given) was born in Dawson Creek, BC, July 4, 1946. At the age of five, the parents picked up and moved to Edmonton, fortunately for him, they him took along. At 30, he moved to Calgary, not a good decision, but he endured. Then September 4, 1979 the heavens opened and Nirvana was found in Vancouver. He was home, well actually now living in New Westminster, a suburb, its still home.

David loves to write short stories, you’ll see a constant stream of them and hopefully, read them. Most are in the 750 word range and are designed for busy people. When not writing, he’s reading, going to writing classes, or just attending a writer’s group meeting to have his ego kicked around.

David is writing a new novel with the working title “Sandbar.” It has murder, mystery, sex, love and mayhem, all the elements neccessary for a successful novel, which will hopefully make him rich beyond his wildest dreams. Sandbar is scheduled for release in 2012, but from time to time he will be giving you weekly segments to wet your palate.

With a background in advertising and marketing, David (you will note the aggressive use of his name) hopes to apply those skills to the project at hand, marketing him. You will soon find the required face book page, twitter (I’m not quite there with the concept of followers, although I’m sure it would have helped Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, and all the others) and the required Linkden links. They are, after all, the everyday tools of a social network.

He has email addresses davidsnotebook@shaw.ca  and  and you can always leave comments, he will respond.  

What David really needs, is an agent. And when he gets one, David will make every attempt to let everyone know who he is. David will also include all his new agents contact information, and yes, he does have a movie script.


David Hutchison


David Hutchison   604 831 1291