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 Hi and Welcome to David’s Notebook. This is where I live, where I dream and where I write and hopefully a site you will come to when you need a place to escape too.

This is a place where you can find whimsy, love, laughter, risk, and fun without leaving your desk.

Oh, and a place to shop, so look for books on my (coming soon) Amazon associate page. You will get my thoughts on good or bad and I have created a space for your comments too. You can rank the book(s) or suggest others that you thought were good or bad, or maybe somewhere in between.

I love other writer’s stories and tales, some of which you will find here through out the year in “Guest Writers.” And David’s Notebook is about words and prose. They will live here to in a way I hope you will find an interesting. 

You will see stories like, The Rumba Store that I write in serial. If they worked for Charles Dickens I hope they work for me.  I have a couple more in the works.

And just one final note, please comment, you thoughts and opinions are important.


David Hutchison